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There are a variety of ways to learn about the wet plate collodion process on tintypes (aluminum plates).  As an experienced photographer and college instructor I’ve found the best way is to take a small or individual workshop, then practice, practice, and practice.  The wet-plate community is typically very friendly and helpful to others interested in the process regardless of experience.  If you take class with me, or just have a general question, please do get in touch.

One-on-one instruction in my studio or a small group at your location can be arranged.

View the video on the Tintype Process page to get a feel for the wet-plate collodion process.

Later in 2015 I’m doing a couple demonstrations.  Students at Austin Community College and at the Art Institute of Austin will each get a demonstration.  A demonstration-workshop is planned for the Georgetown Arts Center in later 2015. Demonstrations for non-profits and clubs can be arranged.  Fees for demonstrations are minimal and help to defray the cost of chemicals and other materials.

Use the contact page, email, or call me to discuss.



Ambrotypes are done on glass.  It can be done on clear glass which is later coated with black, or another color.  Clear glass can also be backed with black or colored board.  Black glass  looks and performs very well.  Clear glass can have a black coating applied to it.   More work, time and materials are needed to make ambrotypes, but the results are rewarding. I’m happy to add ambrotypes to a personal  full-day course for an additional $100. We will cover preparing glass plates and the challenges that glass provides the photographer.

Personalized Photography Instruction

General photography classes for small groups and individuals can be arranged and tailored to your learning objectives.

Shooting courses range from beginning  point and shoot cameras to mastering lighting, cheap jerseys outdoor portraiture, event photography, and panoramic landscape can be arranged.

If you are new to digital or looking to upgrade some skills, I am well versed and provide individual instruction for the digital darkroom in the latest (and even older) versions of Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, plus will help you with your image workflow and Digital Asset Management skills.

Personalized instruction starts at $250 for the first 3 hours and $50/hour after that.  All personalized instruction comes with additional hours of included phone / email consultation.

I look forward to hearing form you!

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