A great video on doing vignettes in camera by Pawel Smialek on YouTube Pawel’s page on doing white vignettes is here minnesota Ray Ban sale vikings invade wembley for annual nfl game against pittsburgh steelersTherefore, the expression of T7 RNAP is additionally regulated by a NFL, whereby a T7 promoter controls expression of TetR, which […]

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Tintypes There are a variety of ways to learn about the wet plate collodion process on tintypes (aluminum plates).  As an experienced photographer and college instructor I’ve found the best way is to take a small or individual workshop, then practice, practice, and practice.  The wet-plate community is typically very friendly and helpful to others interested […]

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Hi there! Tintypes are the original instant photograph.  It takes large cameras and a darkroom all of which can be transported to your location.  Depending upon the weather, we can shoot outside during the day, or with lights in the studio. I am also setting up dates for later in 2015 where you, a couple, or […]

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It’s a lot of fun and rather addictive (at least to me). It uses chemicals and some are a bit more dangerous than others. Wearing safety glasses, gloves,  knowing and respecting the chemicals used make it a rather safe process. Please watch this video of the wet-plate process, it was made by fellow professor Gabor […]


About section here ? I teach, I photograph.  I’ve been doing both for many many years. More later… In the touchdown goal, 6 points are scored by the team. Congratulations to the Journeys’ team. “We are away for a month and we need to enjoy our time in camp. Drivers zoom around the Marina Bay […]

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Login Username or email address * Password * Remember me Lost your password? After he finished his angry dump, he paused just long enough to slash a few tires before moving along.”Abusive dick, am I? Would an abusive dick vandalize your home for no reason? I think not!”. Let’s get started. 29. Outline specific tasks […]

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Your cart is currently empty. Return To Shop Layers Of Fear did its best to immerse the player with realistic graphics and psychologically disturbing gameplay techniques, like having the background change drastically as soon as you look away. On Thursday, both coach Belichik and quarterback Tom Brady addressed the media and claimed that they do […]

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Hacked By Shade Hacked By Shade   GreetZ: Prosox – Sxtz – KDZ – RxR HaCkEr – GeNErAL Eklat – HolaKo – Golden-Hacker – ~Abo-Al EoS Twitter: @ShadeHaxor carson nfl stadium plan report projectsWe’ve dealt with questions that have pertained to beer bottles, beer cans, beer cases, and even plastic beer containers so far. Lets […]